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Business Solutions:
Mobile Stormwater Management

Environmental Business Solutions Inc (EBS) has been providing Stormwater Services to commercial facilities throughout Oregon and Washington for the last 20 years. At the heart of the company is an emphasis on communication, professionalism, reliability and the ability to expertly manage the collection, treatment, disposal, and recycling of stormwater. Our customers have the confidence of knowing they are receiving superior service delivered by fully certified, licensed and bonded stormwater specialist. Whatever the project — EBS provides a full array of products and services for the treatment of stormwater. 
As the Northwest premier stormwater specialist EBS invites clients to participate in our exclusive Clean NW Parnership (CNW) Program. Our exclusive program assists clients in forecasting and scheduling their stormwater maintenance needs well in advance. This advantage allows for EBS and its clients to partner in reserving service intervals as far as 12 months in advance

Other advantages of our proprietary CNW Program includes the option of:
   *Hydro-Ops software: A cloud based software management dashboard for reviewing pre and post inspection analysis of stormwater assets in real time. This unicorn technology allows our participating clients to review photos, inspection documents, Certificates of Disposal and other analysis data points  
  - Simplifies reporting to regulatory agencies
  - Allows clients real time internal analysis of storm system by facilities maintenance departments.

Specializing In Innovative Answers

 EBS specializes in innovative answers and design solutions for stormwater applications. EBS has been a leader in designing systems for resolving, reducing and/or repurposing stormwater.

Understanding the ever-changing needs of our clients, we pride ourselves in being able to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions while maintaining a world class quality of workmanship that each and every one of our clients deserve.

Catch Basin Services

Preventative Maintenance Clean NW Parnership (CNW) Program
– EBS can help you evaluate and develop an on-going Preventative Maintenance (PM) program to clean catch basins and other water quality pretreatment assets.

Catch Basin Inserts
– These are available in both fabric and metal products. Storm drain inserts remove oil, chemicals, debris, and sediment designed to increase catch basin efficiency. Most inserts drop directly into the existing basins, and others may require retrofit construction.

Industrial Cleaning & Vacuum Truck Service

EBS offers a wide variety of Best Management Practices (BMP) in establishing Preventative Maintenance (PM) methods using vacuum trucks and hydro excavating equipment. Services include:

- Vacuum Truck Services
- Oil - Water Separator Service
- Pressure Washing
- Oil absorbents and many other specialties.

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