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Jim Hinkley

President and Founder EBS, Inc.

 In 1999 Jim Hinkley established Environmental Business Solutions (EBS Inc.) with the vision of becoming an innovator of stormwater solutions. Since that time Hinkley has been committed to improving stormwater management by developing solutions to protect our waterways without increasing costs. Consequently, Hinkley has spent the last 20 years developing new and innovative “Best Management Practice”(BMP) methods for addressing the treatment and reuse of non-hazardous materials. This commitment to quality controls and innovative thinking have helped EBS become a leader in stormwater maintenance programs in the Northwest. In March 2013, DEQ awarded EBS the first ever mobile National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for EBS’s patented Storm Regen Technology . Developed by Hinkley this best in class proprietary process allows wastewater to be washed, recycled and re-purposed back to the original vessel. Before leaving to start Environmental Business Solutions, Inc. Mr. Hinkley was a Territory Manager and Factory Representative for Landa Inc. He is an avid long distance cyclist and racer and enjoys discovering his limits as he rides.


Arteise Orange

General Manager

 A successful entrepreneur and family man, Arteise joined Environmental Business Solutions in 2005. Starting out as a Field Technician often working along side his mentor, Hinkley he quickly included project management to his list of steadily growing responsibilities. Ten years later, Arteise now directs our Sales & Project Management team with a “lead by example” mentality. His honest approach to problem solving, commitment to the task at hand, and attention to the smallest detail makes him a valued part of the EBS family.

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